Insight & Prevention Systems for Transportation Hubs

Because the best security is prevention – powered by AI

Transportation hubs are like bee-hives: humming with people, buzzing with activity. Unfortunately they are even harder to handle. 

G2K’s Parsifal Platform can help you get a grip on complicated situations. Powered by AI, Parsifal recognises critical instances as they happen, allowing you to defuse or prevent them.

While crucial for security purposes, Parsifal also gathers essential insights on the flow and behaviour of your visitors. This information can guide you in tailoring the best experience for them.

Parsifal turns data into knowledge

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Security Management for dynamic situations

Whether it is scramble that is about to happen or an accident that just took place: Parsifal recognises the patterns instantly, allowing for swift action. 

Combined with advanced virtual perimeters the system has precise knowledge of specific places and the people in them. If someone enters a no-go area an alarm is triggered right then and there.

Security Management for static situations

Parsifal can read static situations, too. Take the ominously unattended piece of luggage: By pairing bags with their owners the system understands whether a suitcase is indeed unattended – or if its owner is at hand. 

Assessing still people is also a matter of nuance. If someone lies on a bench for some time they might just have a nap – but it is important to keep an eye on them. Yet if a person breaks down suddenly, or if somebody is crying for help, Parsifal will act on it immediately.

Stay in the Know

We are happy to update you on the development of our company, our use cases and our core technology.

Visitor analysis

How can you gain knowledge of your visitors without preying on their privacy? At G2K we have trained Parsifal exactly for this: The system will recognise only the gender and age of your visitors, providing important demographic insights while conforming to the highest data security. 

By providing you with heat maps of your visitors’ flow you will be able to optimise their experience in terms of facilities or shopping. And especially at Airports, Parsifal’s queue solution can minimise frustration with smart throughput management.

Made in Germany

G2K employs 150 people on 3 different continents. Two of our premises are based in Germany, including our Munich HQ. Our global team is working by German standards of quality, data protection and cybersecurity. 

We are proud members of the Federal Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (BSKI) as well as the Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence (KI Bundesverband) and are committed to Ethical Principles in the development of our AI technology. 


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