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Because the best benefit is safety – powered by AI

As an employer or site manager you know that safety is paramount. This necessitates strict protocols – whose implementation you have to supervise, too. So  what if you could automate your on-site security? 

G2K’s Parsifal Platform can help you get a grip on complicated situations. Powered by AI, Parsifal recognises critical instances as they happen, allowing you to defuse or prevent them.

Parsifal turns data into knowledge

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Security Management

Let’s face it: theft is real. With Parsifal your security can be run imperceptibly. A decent number of cameras, combined with our AI system, can detect – and even predict – criminal activity without disrupting a trusting atmosphere.

Should an emergency happen – for example a fire – the system will act decisively: Parsifal lets you know exactly where the fumes are spreading while he  will show the best way to evacuate the premises safely. 

Combined with advanced virtual perimeters the system has precise knowledge of specific places and the people in them. If someone enters a no-go area an alarm is triggered right then and there.

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Access Control

The Parsifal platform offers nuanced facial recognition features that respect your employees’ privacy: it does not store any facial information beyond matching it with your database and checking for essential gear.  

If your staff is required to wear personal protective equipment  on the job – e.g. helmets or facemasks – they simply don their gear upon entering the premises. Once Parsifal recognises their features and/or their equipment it will duly let them enter. 

By contrast strangers and/or staff without their equipment will be bounced. And if someone has been banned from entering the premises Parsifal will detect their faces and alert security.

Made in Germany

G2K employs 150 people on 3 different continents. Two of our premises are based in Germany, including our Munich HQ. Our global team is working by German standards of quality, data protection and cybersecurity. 

We are proud members of the Federal Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (BSKI) as well as the Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence (KI Bundesverband) and are committed to Ethical Principles in the development of our AI technology. 

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