Under the hood of Parsifal

Parsifal turns data into knowledge

Input: Collecting all available information

The eyes and ears of Parsifal are in camera systems and sensors. The more data sources you provide, the more senses Parsifal gains. There is no upper limit: Parsifal is already in use in small venues like doctor’s offices but also in major transportation hubs or even smart cities. All hardware comes from our network of renowned partners and is connected to Parsifal via APIs.

Cognition: Over 2 million lines of code

The heart and soul of Parsifal is a software platform using myriads of algorithms that are orchestrated by its Artificial Intelligence. This allows Parsifal to homogenize all mined data and parse it as if it were text. Pattern recognition and interpretation happens in real time, providing instant knowledge on any given situation.

Output: Prevention, Prediction & Insights

The knowledge produced by Parsifal materializes in different ways, depending on its goals and settings. In a security context Parsifal can provide instantaneous alerts as soon as a danger situation looms. In a retail context this knowledge can reveal insights into customer flow and behaviour.

Some of our partners

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Our ethical commitment to AI development

According to the movies, Artificial Intelligence is either paradise or a nightmare. Our salvation or our doom. Just around the corner or lightyears away. So you may be pleased to hear that, in all the years working with AI ourselves, we have yet to meet a rampaging robot.

At G2K, self-learning machines and neural networks have been our colleagues since 2013. Parsifal simply could not run without them. But rest assured that all Artificial Intelligence we deploy is following well-founded guidelines and ethical principles. 

When it comes to Parsifal’s core technology all development happens in-house.