Success Story: "The Mandala" Berlin Hotel

The clients’ challenge

The Mandala wanted to resume normal hotel operations safely as soon as possible. Being one of Berlin’s most reputable hotels, it was particularly important for the client to apply the most advanced measures to guarantee its guests, visitors and employees maximum protection against Covid-19.

G2K’s solution

G2K implemented its Fever Scanner for contactless monitoring of body temperatures to detect  fever in real-time in the lobby, restaurant and supplier entrance areas.

In a second phase, the solution will be enhanced by a people counting system to manage the occupancy of the hotel and its public areas.

The results

The Mandala can return to normal operation, stop drastic losses in sales and increase revenues again.

At the same time it gives its guests, employees and visitors a feeling of maximum security.

The project serves as blueprint for the entire German Hotel Industry.

The Federal Government Commissioner for Tourism and the legal adviser to the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag were impressed by the system during an information visit.