Success Story: Helios Hospital Bad Saarow

The clients’ challenge

In the middle of Covid-19 outbreak the Hospital “Helios Kliniken Bad Saarow” wanted to avoid becoming a virus and infection spreading point. Among usual hygienic procedures it wanted to improve actions by becoming an even safer environment to employees, patients and guests than it already has been before. By this, they wanted to protect lives and the company’s economical basis at the same time.

G2K’s solution

G2K implemented its Fever Scanner for contactless monitoring of body temperatures to detect fever in real-time at the hospital’s emergency room. Scanners were positioned at the entrance. If higher body temperatures were detected, an alarm trigger was sent immediately to the situation room and a safe isolation of the visitor could be started.

The results

During a test period about 20% of the visitors were detected with fever. 12 Covid-19 infected people were detected, amongst several other people with significant infections.

At the same time the system gave its patients, employees and visitors a feeling of maximum security.

The project serves as blueprint for the entire healthcare industry.

A clinical research paper was made based on the experiences of the implementation: