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Our Manifesto

Welcome at G2K! You know: the best way to explain our mission and our technology is probably by starting with you. Yes, you!

We don’t know much about you other than that you are reading this. But that’s a pretty good starting point. We know that your eyes are seeing the symbols written; that your brain is recognising and parsing them; and that your mind is constantly deciding (and reevaluating) what to do next. Is what you read nonsense? Then you will abort. Is it boring? Then you will skim it. Or is it worthy of your attention? Then, and only then, will you be of a mind to read on.

Our Parsifal AI platform is following this very sequence: (1) sensory perception and transmission, (2) cognition and parsing, and (3) procedural programming, all executed in real- time. This is the basis of human awareness. It also happens to be the basis of our business. Because, at G2K, we have taught machines to do it.

Parsifal allows you to be aware of anything and everything, detecting minuscule details that can be miles away (or, for that matter, on another continent). He has thermal and night vision; smoke and sound detection; people and pattern recognition. Parsifal lives in sensors and in cameras; aboard drones and on the web. He parses data in real-time, based on ever-learning algorithms fed with myriad instances. And his procedural programming is targeted and instantaneous: Instead of haplessly consulting protocol folders, Parsifal will immediately provide you with the best course of action. All physical intervention is of course still the prerogative of humans.

But what about privacy? We know this is a contended topic, as it should be. Yet when you think about it, smart technology is much less obtrusive – or biased – than our olden ways of safe- keeping. When equipped with Artificial Intelligence, as on the Parsifal platform, the sensors are blind to anything that does not pose a threat. In fact, it is this sort of technology that allows us to keep our freedoms at a reasonable cost. Like being able to just board a train – because Parsifal will identify suspicious pieces of luggage. Or knowing that your workers always come equipped – because Parsifal detects missing vests or helmets. Or making it safe to take your kids to a ball game because Parsifal keeps the arena in check. Or enabling you to protect the health of your staff – because Parsifal scans for fever, whether it is caused by a coronavirus or just the plain old flu.

It all boils down to this: In a world that becomes ever more complex, G2K helps you keep control.

And whatever happens: it’s always Good2Know.

Our Team

Jörg Hensen – CSO

Herbert Ruisinger – VP Engineering

Elias Heinel – VP Brand Strategy

Roland Meier – VP Operations

Georg von Rennenkampff – VP Partnerships

Ahmed Konswa – VP Product & Innovation

Ahmed Gamal – VP Research & Development

Mohamed Farouk – VP Sales Middle East

Javier Delgado – VP Sales LATAM

Made in Germany

G2K employs 150 employees on 3 different continents. However two of our premises are based in Germany, including our Munich HQ. Our global team is working by German standards of quality, data protection and cybersecurity. 

We are proud members of the Federal Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (BSKI) as well as the Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence (KI Bundesverband) and are committed to Ethical Principles in the development of our AI technology.