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Parsifal - Your AI Platform

Imagine if data points and IoT data could be correlated, connected and orchestrated. It would be a world full of data insights, data-driven actions and predictions. Now stop imagining and start acting: We are building this world today. With Parsifal, the number one AI-conductor.

It turns information into knowledge, cities into smart and retail into revenue. 

Parsifal orchestrates all the information available and is then becoming an anchor for sustainable success for your project. Sounds too good to be true? Convince yourself.


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Everyone talks about sustainability now. We have a tool that is walking the talk and can actually reduce your carbon footprint. It manages logistics and makes traffic planning smarter. The residents of your city deserve better public transport and less air pollution? Get yourself Parsifal and make their lifes better with AI. Since 2013 it has been the platform of choice to run smart cities and provide sustainable industry and retail solutions.
It is nothing new that digitalization and IoT are fundamental to security solutions. But with Parsifal you make a safe choice to take security to the next level. The AI platform connects, correlates and orchestrates data to provide real time alarms, action plans and security predictions. It has never been more efficient and precise to protect people and businesses. Since 2013 Parsifal has been the platform of choice to bring new security standards to smart cities, to businesses and to the retail economy.
Experience and gut feeling help to drive good business. But Parsifal makes decision making more efficient and reliable. Its AI combines, correlates and orchestrates data to get yourself ahead of time. Parsifal gives you insights, runs your machine engines smarter or realizes empty shelves before your customers do. It sharpens your operational excellence. Since 2013 Parsifal has been the platform of choice to minimize costs, increase revenues, optimize business processes or to put it more simply: Increase efficiency.
Whether it’s a city with 500 years of history or the newly built metropolis: cities today need to provide safe, sustainable and efficient living space for residents. Parsifal enables a city to truly be a smart one. It manages traffic and public transport, water and electricity. Since 2013 Parsifal has been the platform of choice for smart cities and its habitants. And we are proud of what we achieved: Today, more people live in cities powered by Parsifal than with any other platform.

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Leading Retailer

“How one of the world's most important discounters makes its customers more satisfied and its processes more efficient.”

What has long been a matter of course for online retailers is now also possible in offline retailing thanks to Parsifal:

At G2K, we pride ourselves on making your next weekend shopping experience perhaps a little better. Maybe that starts with easier parking, continues with personalized and customized offers, increased in-store security and timely restocked shelves. And while the wait at the registers is shortened, you'll be left with a glimpse of the store's improved energy balance.

That sounds like the future? With Parsifal, it's already a reality for our customer. One of the world's largest discounters relies on Parsifal. And so AI is already part of the present in retail.


Logistics thought logically

“One of the largest IT integrators integrates Parsifal into its logistics.”

"We are already optimally organized in the logistics area!" was the opinion of one of the largest IT integrators before he got to know Parsifal. But with our AI platform, logistics has become even more optimized.

Staff planning, shelf management, integration of databases and correlation with IoT: some things simply run even better with Parsifal.

And our customer? he is so satisfied that he immediately offers Parsifal to his worldwide customers to optimize their logistics.


Market Leader in Smart Cities

“Most smart city residents live in cities managed by Parsifal”

A city that adapts to the needs of its inhabitants - and not the other way around. Cities in which quality of life is in harmony with sustainability and safety: Smart city developer TMG relies on the Parsifal AI platform to run its cities.

The Smart Operations Center is where the digital threads come together - from irrigation to lighting, traffic management to security.

In a world where urbanization is part of reality, the challenge is to make cities as livable as possible - preferably with AI. Parsifal turns cities into smart cities and a sustainable and digitized living space for millions of people.

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